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FREE 15 min Introduction Consult / International Clients

This is a great option for those who are not familiar with Homeopathy and Natural Medicine. You can see how it can help you in your current situation. We can say Hello and you can see how I work. All your questions can be answered without any obligation at all.

€0 | $0 | £0 15 minutes

Acute Consultation International Clients

For Homeopathy 247 clients or International bookings (for those not living in Ireland)

Book this consult if you require help with an acute, simple, one-off health issue.

Eg for teething baby, a cold or the flu, stomach upset, earache.

These appointments are suitable for children and adults.

I will email you a prescription with specific instructions following the consultation.

€40 ($45/£35 approx. subject to variable exchange rates of your credit/debit card) 20 minutes

Full Initial Consultation (Chronic Conditions) International Clients

For H247 clients or International Clients

You will need a full consultation if you are a new client and you have chronic symptoms.

This includes
Long-standing health issues (more than 4 weeks duration)
Persistent repeats of one health issue
Complex or chronic health issues
Health issues experienced since birth
Where there is a family history of serious health problems
For e.g.
Hormone Imbalance, Painful Periods, Menopause Symptoms, Perimenopause Symptoms, Anxiety Symptoms, Hot Flushes, Sleep Issues, Menopause Night Sweats, Sleep Deprivation, Mood Swings, Fatigue, Body Pain, PMS, Skin Conditions etc

In a full consultation, I take a detailed health history to help find a holistic remedy to improve your overall health.

I aim to make the consult a pleasant experience for you. I want to find out how all about you, what symptoms you have, how long you have had them and how they affect you.

I’m curious about how you experience life, your feelings and emotions.

I will also ask about your medical history so that I am aware of your bodies areas of susceptibility.

€150 ($180/£130 approx. subject to variable exchange rates of your credit/debit card) 80 minutes

Follow up Consults International Clients

Follow up consult (60 min)

This appointment is used for second and subsequent appointments.

During this time we will discuss and assess the response you’ve had to your prescribed remedy and monitor your progress to ensure the continuation in the improvement of your health.

Follow up consultations occur approximately every 4 weeks. The frequency depends on your presenting symptoms or the reason for your visit.

€100 ($120 / £90 approx. subject to variable exchange rates of your credit/debit card) 40 minutes

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