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Follow up Consults H247- Boyne Clinic Women’s Wellness Services

Follow up Consults H247 Follow up consult (60 min) This appointment is used for second and subsequent appointments. During this time we will discuss and assess the response you’ve had to your prescribed remedy and monitor your progress to ensure the continuation in...

Acute Consultation H247- Boyne Clinic Women’s Wellness Services

Acute Consultation H247 Book this consult if you require help with an acute, simple, one-off health issue. Eg for teething baby, a cold or the flu, stomach upset, earache These appointments are suitable for children and adults. I will email you a prescription with...

FREE 15 min Introduction Consult H247- Boyne Clinic Services

FREE 15 min Introduction Consult This is a great option for those who are not familiar with Homeopathy and Natural Medicine. You can see how it can help you in your current situation. We can say Hello and you can see how I work. All your questions can be answered...

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