N B from Ireland

I am a 68-year-old woman.
My first experience of sleeplessness started with the onset of menopause when I was 47 years old.
This was the start of the hot flushes at night.
Initially, I found it very difficult to get to sleep, then waking up after 4-5 hours.

Some years later it was necessary to have a hysterectomy which exacerbated the dreaded hot flushes at night, with little or no sleep for months which was very debilitating
I tried all the usual sleep aids - herbal teas, over the counter remedies but 5-6 hours was the maximum I ever achieved

I was advised to contact Deirdre - she went through my sleep history root and branch.
The consultation was in-depth and informative. I was determined to follow her instructions to the letter and hopefully find a lasting solution to my problem.

After approximately 3 weeks I found that for the first time in years I was getting past the awful 5 and a half hour deadline and even if I woke, getting back to sleep was no problem and this is still the case to this very day.

I continue to abide by this newfound miracle and have no hesitation in recommending my consultant Deirdre and this remedy to all my friends with this problem.

Looking back it’s such a shame I have been sleep deprived over all these years when there was a solution to my problem

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