Homeopathy 101 – The who, what, and why!

Author: Deirdre McDermott


Homeopathy 101 – The who, what and why!

Fado Fado (Gaelic many years ago ) when someone recommended homeopathy to me they told me to find a classical homeopath

I had never heard the word “homeopath” never mind understanding what or who a classical homeopath was.

I did a little investigating and found out about homeopathic remedies and that some were available in my local health shop.

Homeopathy 101

My first thought was why would I need a homeopath?

Surely I can just take this remedy for this symptom and that remedy for that symptom. This is how we take convention medicine so it’s a natural conclusion to make.

I did this for a while with some success and while it helped with the symptoms they kept returning. I also got tired of taking so many different remedies, my kitchen press was overflowing.

So eventually I went and found a classical homeopath.

After I had my first consultation, it all became a lot clearer, so I hope I can help you by sharing what I learned.


Remedies are the medicines that are prescribed by a homeopath, they can come in drops or pills.

The other things I had not understood was how many remedies there are

There are approx. 4000 different remedies and counting


Every remedy comes in different potencies/strengths/ level of energy

There are 4 main scales C X LM and K

The most commonly available are 3, 6, 9, 30, 200, 1M. 10M, 50M CM


Classical homeopathic training courses are 4 years with continued professional training hereafter.


There are 2 main types of prescribing in homeopathy

  1. Acute /Short Term

Who prescribes: You as the home prescriber or with the guidance of a Homeopath

Symptoms: Acute symptoms are ones which are new (or less than a month old). The symptoms are uncomplicated and clear.

For e.g. colds, flu, coughs, injury, earache, gastroenteritis, fevers, teething problems and sore throats.

You have one condition and you pick the remedy based on that condition and how you experience it.

Timeframe to select a remedy: 15 mins approx.

  1. Chronic /Constitutional /Full Consultation

Who prescribes: A Professional Homeopath.

Symptoms: This is for conditions are that are more long term (more than 4 weeks since it started). Conditions that are complex where you are experiencing multiple symptoms. Symptoms that you experience repeatedly or indeed more serious health concerns.

For e.g.

Hormone Imbalance, Painful Periods, Menopause Symptoms, Perimenopause Symptoms, Anxiety Symptoms, Hot Flushes, Sleep Issues, Menopause Night Sweats, Sleep Deprivation, Mood Swings, Fatigue, Body Pain, PMS, Skin Conditions etc

Timeframe to select a remedy: 60-90 mins consultation and research time by the homeopath before/after the consultation.

This type of consultation provides the most gentle and rapid path to health.

A detailed health history is taken during the first consultation. As my homeopath did, I want to make the consultation a pleasant experience for you. It not just about the cold hard facts, it’s about you, what symptoms you have, how long you have had them and how they affect you.

I’m curious about how you experience life, your feelings and emotions. I will also ask about your medical history so that I am aware of your bodies areas of susceptibility.

From the first consultation, the most specific remedy/s is selected and prescribed. This remedy starts your journey toward healing.

Follow up consults

Follow up consultations occur approximately every 4 weeks. The frequency depends on your presenting symptoms or the reason/s for your consult.

The first remedy given in a chronic case is the case opener, how you heal and react provides valuable information to the homeopath

During a follow up consult we discuss and assess the response you’ve had to your prescribed remedy.

This guides the homeopath to the next prescription. You may be prescribed a different remedy or the next potency of the same remedy.

The aim is always to ensure the continuation in the improvement of your health.

Most of us remember getting sick but not getting better. I think this is because we are all so busy we just move on to our next deadline.

Timely follow up appointments are really important to case management. This means observing improvements or changes and keeping track of the subtle changes to ensure the most gentle and rapid path to health

Further Questions ?

If you have any further questions feel free to book in 15 minute introductory chat and we can say hello

This is a great option for those who are not familiar with Homeopathy and Natural Medicine.

You can see how it can help you in your current situation.

All your questions can be answered without any obligation at all.

Book online now.



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