Work together to stay at home

Author: Deirdre McDermott


Work together to stay at home

My favourite is the quote “your grandparents were asked to go to war, all you are being asked to do is stay at home” (now I know in Ireland we technically didn’t have a war) as it helps me keep perspective on our current situation.

It’s taken me a few days to find my energy perhaps you have been feeling the same. There are some brilliant and funny messages doing the rounds – to keep us all smiling.

I hope you are keeping well and carving out a successful strategy for our new status.

There is great medical advice out there which we all know about at this stage; handwashing, social distancing, self-isolation and cocooning this should all be followed to support all our loved ones.

There are lots of different approaches to health and I use them all, I combine whatever I feel works. I will always start holistically as I feel this benefits the immune system but if in doubt I will consult my GP. I’m delighted that in the last few years this is very occasional.

This is my strategy so far, I’m sure it will evolve :

Supplements ( good brands and in high doses)

· Vit C

· Vit D

· Zinc

· Echinacea

· Colloidal silver spray – it’s antibacterial so I use it on hands and spray into my mouth if I’ve out and about.


· Staying hydrated approx. 1.5 L a day unless you drink a lot of tea and coffee then it’s more as these dehydrate

· Getting exercise; walking or online yoga. I use SarahBeth Yoga

· Mostly going to bed on time – my Achilles heel

· Doing one nice thing a day with my family

· Set a limit for social media – put the phone down J or better still listen/ read positive ebooks. I am a huge Brene Brown fan, I will always find something in what she has to say to help me with a current struggle

General Remedies

· Vir Forte – this is a combination remedy product made here in Ireland, great for anything viral, it’s my OTC (over the counter) recommendation.

· Australian Bush Flower Emergency Essence, again New Vistas stock

if you can’t source locally if you can ring New Vistas, give my name if you want and they will post it directly to you 00 353(0) 61 334 455

Specific Treatment

· Prophylaxis Treatment: These are remedies which you can take before you have symptoms if you are concerned about being in an active area. This is based on the best holistic compilation of data and symptoms and to be clear is a prevention protocol without a guarantee. Health is very individual and unfortunately without guarantees

· Individualised Treatment: If you start experiencing symptoms ideally you would contact your holistic practitioner, who would prescribe you a suitable remedy. You would also follow the HSE guidelines (Ireland)

To conclude

All this guidance is from a holistic perspective, some from research, some from personal experience. I am not a medical doctor, you should always check if in any doubt or do your own research to make sure you feel comfortable with your strategy.

Links to follow shortly. Remember if you can’t see the sun be the sunshine 💚💜

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Working Together to stay at home



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