Sleep, Evolution, and You

Author: Deirdre McDermott


Sleep, Evolution, and You

We are the only species in the world that deprive ourselves of sleep. Since the 1960’s we have lost, on average, 1.5 hours of sleep per day.

Sleep, Evolution, and You

Most interesting to me is the fact that – as this is such a new phenomenon in terms of evolution our bodies have not developed any coping skills.

This means that from the very first night we miss some of our sleep we experience negative impacts in our body and mind.

I have been there, it’s quite infrequent but OMG I really wonder how people with chronic sleep issues continue to function.

Bad news

So, unfortunately, there is no good news when it comes to missing sleep.

The effects are swift and serious to our bodies

Sleeping less than 5 hours per night can double your risk of

· heart disease,

· heart attack

· stroke.

There is also a relationship between lack of sleep and

· weight gain,

· insulin resistance

· diabetes

· not to mention the effect on your mood and mental health

Quality V’s Quantity

Sleep is measured in terms of Quantity, Quality & Timing

We can control when we go to bed, we can control our sleep routine and hygiene but we cannot control when we actually get to sleep. We also cannot always control if we stay asleep or the quality of sleep we are getting.

Are you getting enough Sleep ?

· Average Adult 7-9 hours

• Self-assessment – do you feel tired

• Do you need an alarm clock to wake up

• Does it take a long time to get up

• Do you need stimulants

• Do you experience Sleepiness during the day

• Are you perhaps a little Grumpy / Irritable

• Helpfully been told looking tired 🙂

• Could you nap during the day?

If your answer yes to one or more of these questions on a consistent basis then you may not be getting enough good quality sleep

The Good News

The good news is there are tools that can help you. There are amazing homeopathic remedies that can help reset your sleep cycle

Homeopathic Remedies for Sleep


There can be great drowsiness. Profound Coma. Sleep too heavy , sleepiness during the day nervous restlessness sleepless drowsy at first sleepless after

Nux Mosch

Confusion and drowsiness are the central features of this remedy. Irresistible sleepiness, dreamy condition closed eyes pale face


This is one of the most fundamental remedies. There can be two main expressions Inferiority and Egotism. There is drowsiness during the day, sleepiness after dinner


Sleepiness during the day sleeplessness at night . There is a general nervous and uneasy situation.


A very important polycrest. There can be great sparkle but can seem to have no strong boundaries. Sleepy during the day and after eating sleeplessness at night sleep dreamful restless confused dreams


It is an important remedy in collapse, as in sunstroke or fainting. Simple sleeplessness from nervous excitement


The coffea type can be highly sensitive, nervous and over reactive . The excitement of the mind can go to extreme states. Sleeplessness from thoughts crowding into the mind agitation


Sleeplessness anxious dreams hot restless tossing about sleeplessness in the aged


A great remedy for nervous people with low stamina who get too tired, then have insomnia. The person often goes to sleep at first but awakens suddenly.


Drowsiness during the day and early in the evening but then difficulty in falling asleep at night. Sleep is very light indeed; more like dozing than deep sleep.

Source Murphy, Morrison & Clarke

What would better Sleep mean to you ?

Im currently running a homeopathic sleep study – to find out more please follow the link below

Sleep Study.

If you are interested in finding out more would like to start your journey towards better sleep holistically, book in for a free chat using the link below or book in for a full consultation.

Book online now.

Sleep Testimonial
I am a 68-year-old woman. My first experience of sleeplessness started with the onset of menopause when I was 47 years old…….
After approximately 3 weeks I found that for the first time in years I was getting past the awful 5 and a half hour deadline …….I continue to abide by this newfound miracle and have no hesitation in recommending my consultant Deirdre to all my friends with this problem.
Looking back it’s such a shame I have been sleep deprived over all these years when there was a solution to my problem.

AB Ireland



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